Problem Solved

photo by e. zahn

Woman on her cell phone in the optometrist’s waiting room was talking loudly.

“She’s being a real pain. She hates all the glasses. She’s tried all of them. She’s beside herself. I don’t know what else to f***ing do. So I’m done…………Ok.” She hangs up.

A sulking teenage girl comes from down the hall and sits next to the woman.

“I’m frustrated,” the girl says.

“Why?” her mother asks calmly.

“I don’t like any of the glasses,” she whines.

Her mother sighs.

“I don’t want Grandma helping me again.”

“Why not.”

“She’s annoying.”


“She just is.”

“She’s a good shopper. She can uncover anything. She’s going to help you find glasses!”

“She’s still annoying.”


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