Shadowy Colors

Checking out a palette of brown eye shadow, I laughed at the color names printed below each pressed powder square:   

photo by E.Z.


Foxy                Half Baked        Booty Call

Chopper         Tease                  Snakebite 

Suspect          Pistol                  Verve 

YDK               Busted                 Blackout  

That’s a cosmetic company with imagination!  Unlike crayon names (such as apricot, scarlet, and carnation pink)  the shadow names give no inkling what the color might be. Couldn’t guess that Chopper is bronze and shimmery and Snakebite is similar just darker. Though Blackout is black and Pistol is gunmetal gray.  

So I won’t be able to use these to describe a heroine’s hair as Snakebite or her leather jacket as Suspect or her hair as Booty Call. But I’m inspired to write a short story about a Foxy, Half Baked heroine wearing Blackout colored eyeshadow who gets Busted with an illegal Pistol who escapes custody by Teasing a guard then fleeing in a Chopper. That’s a woman with some Verve. YDK… it could happen.  

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