Sound Words

photo by E.Z.

The beauty of summer doesn’t come without some loud, ugly sounds.

Lawn mowers, leaf blowers and after Hurrican Isiasis a few weeks ago, chain saws and generators. It seems just when you decide to make a phone call or have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine on the patio, some motor begins whining. Buzzing. Droning. Irritating. Incessantly. Starting. Stopping. Ear-piercing.

However, interestingly, the unit used to measure sound is quite pleasant. Decibel… Decibel… Decibel…

I doubt I’ll remember that the next time the cacophony begins, but I  might give one of my characters with an anger issue a leaf blower to contend with when on an important phone call. Let’s see how they handle that!

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