Keep On Truckin’

photo by E.Z.

“Will I hit a lot of traffic on my way outa here?” the man seated in the booth next to me asked.  He was in his 60s, wore jeans, a yellow and blue plaid shirt, suspenders and a baseball that read Edison, NJ.  It was 9 am on a Friday morning in Montauk, NY (the End of the south fork of Long Island) and we were having breakfast at a local pancake house.

“I don’t know. It’s my first time… Your first time here?” I asked.

“Yeah. Arrived at 3:30 this morning. Dropped off a load of shrubs at the nursery.”

His truck was a sleeper and he’d taken a snooze in the parking lot where he’d delivered his load.  He had a refrigerator and a TV too.

We talked about Tennessee, New England, New Jersey.

You want to hear some juicy stuff. Plunk yourself down next to a trucker. And listen.

“You on Facebook?” he asked. I nodded.

“You gotta check out this lady…Moonpie Starbox.  She does something new every day,” he handed me his phone. I was worried what he might be showing me.

I checked it out. It was a talking Dachshund. Not really my thing but I promised to check it out later.

He left the restaurant. I left a few minutes later just in time to see him driving west, out of town. I waved from the sidewalk. He waved back.

I wanted to share the really juicy stuff with you, but decided to save it for another time.

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