Electric Man

I love encounters like this one…

I heard someone digging and grunting and cursing. I went around the side of the house to see. Across the street, a man in a hardhat and fluorescent vest was digging with gusto around the bottom of the telephone pole. He finished and moved on to another pole. Another guy came along walking half in the road.

We saw each other.

“Be careful on this road,” I said and waved.

“I learned that the first day here, Ma’am.”

Did he just call me Ma’am?  You don’t hear that in the Northeast. 

“It’s a fast road,” I said.

“I’m here from Texas working on your poles.”

“Wow.  I guess we need help.”

“Some beautiful homes here.”

“It’s a nice area. Good Luck,” I said.

“Ma’am,” and he touched his hard hat.