Eye of the Beholder

photo by EZ

On my way into the grocery store I admired the unusual pumpkins displayed outside… orange with warts, a muddy aqua and soft yellow.  I wanted to buy one of each, but since I’d already bought plenty of orange pumpkins, I couldn’t justify buying these beauties too.

On my way out of the store, a mother, and her daughter, about 8 years old, approached the pumpkins. Mom said curtly, “Look at those ugly pumpkins.” Her daughter looked at the pumpkins and kept looking at them as she walked by. She didn’t answer her mother who now raised her voice, “Those pumpkins are really ugly.” Her daughter didn’t say a word. Maybe she thought they were beauties too.

Sound Words

photo by E.Z.

The beauty of summer doesn’t come without some loud, ugly sounds.

Lawn mowers, leaf blowers and after Hurrican Isiasis a few weeks ago, chain saws and generators. It seems just when you decide to make a phone call or have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine on the patio, some motor begins whining. Buzzing. Droning. Irritating. Incessantly. Starting. Stopping. Ear-piercing.

However, interestingly, the unit used to measure sound is quite pleasant. Decibel… Decibel… Decibel…

I doubt I’ll remember that the next time the cacophony begins, but I  might give one of my characters with an anger issue a leaf blower to contend with when on an important phone call. Let’s see how they handle that!

Problem Solved

photo by e. zahn

Woman on her cell phone in the optometrist’s waiting room was talking loudly.

“She’s being a real pain. She hates all the glasses. She’s tried all of them. She’s beside herself. I don’t know what else to f***ing do. So I’m done…………Ok.” She hangs up.

A sulking teenage girl comes from down the hall and sits next to the woman.

“I’m frustrated,” the girl says.

“Why?” her mother asks calmly.

“I don’t like any of the glasses,” she whines.

Her mother sighs.

“I don’t want Grandma helping me again.”

“Why not.”

“She’s annoying.”


“She just is.”

“She’s a good shopper. She can uncover anything. She’s going to help you find glasses!”

“She’s still annoying.”